This too shall pass inner engraved bracelet

Do you feel sometimes that life overwhelms you with stress, worries, mounting "to do" list, demanding bosses, clients, family members, responsibilities, bills, and challenges?

In life everything is temporary. In fact, life itself is tempory. In between birth to death we all experience the roller-coaster of life. When life strikes us with setbacks, when we are down and everything seems grim, we need to remember that this also shall pass. Even the worst of the storms, the Tsunami and earthquake do not last. Sometimes the hurricane season had already ended and we keep on behaving like we are still residing at the eye of the storm. Sometimes, we mistakenly label rewarding activities such as reading a bedtime story to our kids, feeding them, playing with them as a chore, only to realize later on that those were the some of the best times of our lives that passed so quickly, but we forgot to enjoy it.

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 6mm Tall, 2mm Thick
  • ONE SIZE. Pre-shaped to fit well. Slightly adjustable.
  • Great quality - smooth edge and shining surface